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US Industrial Rock icons RABBIT JUNK remixes 'unkown' Aussie artist DAMIEN

DAMIEN gets the ultimate Christmas present from Rabbit Junk

The Easter Bunny is usually pretty quiet around Christmas time, but queer Ipswich alt-rocker DAMIEN has been gifted a special treat this December from US Industrial Metal legends, Rabbit Junk.

The US duo, who have been producing and releasing music since 2004, and have a monthly listenership of nearly 200k, have put their own spin on the Ipswich artist, delivering DAMIEN a remix his track ‘Nowhere’ from the his’s latest album ‘Candidate for the Abyss’.

‘This could be one of the biggest and most exciting things to happen to me in my career to date,’ DAMIEN said, ‘Rabbit Junk have a huge following and produce outstanding music, so to have them rework one of my songs is simply mindblowing’.

Both DAMIEN and Rabbit Junk have a reputation for bending genres and moving fluidly in and around the broader scope of alternative rock, with the former often embracing elements of pop and darkwave, and the later delving frequently into Future-Rock and Cyber-Hardcore.

‘JP Anderson (one half of Rabbit Junk) was an absolute legend to work with’, DAMIEN shared, ‘when we first started chatting, I felt way out of my depth and thought there would be no way he would be interested in working with a fairly unknown artist from Ipswich. But he told me he loved the track and was thrilled to work on something that allowed him to use more cinematic musical ideas than the usual four to the floor hardstyle dub step he often gets asked to do. The result is beautiful.’

‘It sounds like Hans Zimmer remixed it’ JP jokingly adds. ‘Seriously, I love this track’.

Similar to Rabbit Junk, DAMIEN has been prolific in his releasing of music, having put three albums out into the world since his inception in 2020. DAMIEN has garnered praise locally and abroad for his unique style of music, that is often compared to artists like Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails, and yet encompasses more pop and experimental elements.

DAMIEN has become a staple of the Southeast QLD gig circuit and an icon within his home town of Ipswich, largely thanks to frequent airplay on popular community radio station, 4ZZZ.

The Rabbit Junk remix of ‘Nowhere’ will be available on all streaming platforms form Dec 8th, 2023 and can be presaved now thanks to Gyrostream via the following link


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