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Weezer-OK Human Review

Written Before Listen

So Weezer is a band ive know forever now. My first knowledge of them was on ROCK BAND with the song “Say It Ain’t So” which so happens to be their second biggest hit at this point. The angst, personality and tones of the band struck a young me to appreciate their music without really digging deep into them. Now being older, their debut album is one of my favorite albums of the 90s. Pinkerton is also really good and some of their future hits are amazing in their own right as well. Weezer is infamously known for being stuck in the shadows of their first two albums unfortunately but it doesnt mean they have had highlights. A lot of people have critically appreciated “Everything Will Be Alright In The End” and their white album. Now they have created their shortest album since 2001’s Green Album (which was 28 minutes) so I’m coming into this album with curiosity but positivity. Its also necessary to note that this isn’t the only Weezer album is supposed to release in 2021. They also announced “Van Weezer” which is supposed to be Weezer attempt at Van Halen-esc music. Well im glad this came out instead. With that being said, lets see what this album brings.


So usually Weezer’s influences are consisting of a lot of 70s and 80s acts like Cheap Trick,Pixies,Van Halen and the Ramones. Nowadays, those influences are still there but with some new ideas. Rivers himself said the album was inspired by Harry Nilsson and The Beach Boys which I can see. There is also some ELO influence in there as well but you can see that Weezer takes pages from new books for this album.


The lyrics are your usual Weezer. “All My Favorite Songs” is all about how Weezer is only listening to ballads in his spare time and “Here Comes The rain” is all about thinking positive in a bad situation. Weezer does dabble in your usual topics, they also experiment with tongue in cheek subjects as well. Songs like “Grapes Of Wrath” and “Playing My Piano” shows Rivers focusing into one specific topic. Lyrically, I have a love-hate relationship with this album. Some lyrics are funny and simple and some are just downright corny.


So the hooks are classic Weezer. hooks on “All My Favorite Songs”, “Numbers”, “Bird With A Broken Wing” and “Here Comes The Rain” are amazing and catchy hooks. Although, Rivers’ childlike songwriting does take a toll on him. Songs like “Aloo Gobi” and “Screens” do have its gripes centered on the hooks itself. They are kind of corny to me and I know Weezer isn’t a stranger to corny hooks but they do it once again. Hooks on this album are on and off for me on this album.


The instrumentation is probably the most talked about when it comes to this album. Weezer is known for very simple instrumentation with fuzzy guitars but Weezer took the electric guitars away and replaced it with pianos, mellotrons, orchestras and acoustics. I like the change because I feel like the guitar sound was being overplayed for Weezer. I love the baroque instrumentation on “All My Favorite Songs”, the strings on “Grapes Of Wrath” are nice. The instrumentation on “Numbers” is luscious to say the least. “Playing My Piano” despite not being super piano based for the title, has really beautiful strings and vocal passages. “Bird With A Broken Wing” has a nice palette to it as well. Lets just say that Weezer switch instrumentally is a fitting one and shows Weezer turn in the right direction.


I kind of already mentioned the cons but ill keep on going. I already showed my problems with some of the hooks and the topics. Maybe sometimes the mix of orchestral arrangements and power pop come off really corny. Some of the instrumentation comes with a 2000s Nick show vibe to me.


Overall, I enjoyed the album. Obviously it’s nowhere near as good as Blue or Pinkerton, it’s still a good Weezer album which is a relief to hear. Their attempt at Chamber Pop and Baroque Pop is a successful one. Despite the gripes I have, I’ll still give it a positive. score


Written by:songswithmusic

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