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Young Dolph: King Of Memphis Review

Release Date: 2016

Genre/s: Trap

“Facts” features a fun trap beat with some energetic, aggressive deliveries making for an enjoyable Intro, this continues into the next song “fuck it” which also slaps with some cool switches thrown in. “Royalty” extends this sound but features a nice section of acapella rapping. “Royalty” “It’s Going Down” and “Get Paid” beats are infectious and enjoyable, with “Get Paid” sampling Project Pat’s “Ooh Nuthin” creatively. However I feel like some of the tracks could’ve hit harder or formed a more powerful backbone to match Dolph‘s swagger.

Songs like “Both ways” “how could” “let me see it” and “it’s going down” are a little lacklustre, whether this be due to repetitive/boring lyrics or lazy/offbeat flows, which are both issues that affect Dolph’s music quite frequently, some feature verses would’ve helped keep things fresh. However, Dolphs Southern Drawl and aggressive, confident deliveries add personality and authenticity to his music.

Dolph isn’t a good lyricist by any means, the project cycles through about 4 different subjects; trapping, thicc bitches, money and drugs, so if you want variety, this isn’t for you.

“Before I learnt my ABC’s I learnt how to hustle” “my bitch my trap queen, I ain't seen a crack fiend yo bitch look like a drag queen”

“My Bitch Too Thicc, your bitch look like a toothpick” are all way funnier than they should be, Dolphs reference game is pretty good.


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