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Young Fathers: Tape Two (2013)

Whilst only marginally worse than its predecessor, it’s still a really great album that’s well worth a listen and at 23 mins of tightly packed content it’s not going to punish you if you dislike it.

Group producer Graham Hastings shows his knack for making experimental beats, there’s more of a cinematic feel with raw and intense crescendos this time round, “I heard” “mr martyr” and “ebony sky” showcase this nicely. The warping siren beat on queens dead turned me off a bit though and distracted me away from a potentially well woven story.

There seems to be more of a focus on melodies and singing here, fantastically and passionately executed on “I heard” and “freefalling” although the trading of rap flows on “come to life” are great.

“I can hear lonely, lonely sounds, living like an only child”

“Abandon abandon, never ever say what you ran from, staring at the fragments, in your sleep laughing, thought crime champion”

“Young, unassuming, eucalyptus blooming

Masquerade of masochists said I'm only human” are all top tier lines.

This project did get moderate attention and rightly so, it’s just a shame it was vastly overshadowed by other experimental projects like yeezus and the money store.

track-list ratings

I Heard: 7.5

Come To Life: 8

Only Child: 8.5

Queen Is Dead: 6

Bones: N/A

Freefalling: 8.5

Mr. Martyr: 8

Way Down In The Hole: 8.5

Ebony Sky: 9

aspect ratings

Production: 8-8.5

Flows: 7.5

Lyrics: 8-8.5

Album Length: 10 (23 mins)

Overall Enjoyment: 8.5


Mr ReviewCritique
Mr ReviewCritique
Mar 03, 2021

Dope review pretty straight to the point. Interesting project but i like listening to this type of stuff.

Mar 03, 2021
Replying to

Tbh I’m not one for overly pretentious write ups that barely even discuss the music, I run a reviews page on Instagram that’s doing really well and this approach combined with eye catching slides and background music really works well in conjunction, thanks for nice words brother

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