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Youngboy Never Broke Again-Sincerely, Kentrell ALBUM REVIEW

Written Before Listen

I didn’t think it would get to this, but since it’s December and nothing is coming out, why dont we have a little fun and review some Youngboy. NBA Youngboy Is a Louisiana rapper with one of the most memorable fanbases of all time. If you’ve seen the memes, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I was never the biggest Youngboy fan myself as I thought his singing was annoying and his beats were super cheesy, I just thought of him being a lesser version of Lil Wayne without the wordplay. With that being said, I will see what this project offers as I do have an open mind. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Legal Troubles

It’s no secret that Youngboy is a criminal and troublemaker. His come-up was mainly due to him living the gangsta rap persona. He was first arrested at 15 for robbery. The next year, he was arrested for attempted murder. Two years later, he received a 40-YEAR SENTENCE for possession of weapons as well as kidnapping and assault from a domestic abuse case. He also has 7 children as a 222-year old which averages a child every 3.14 years. As you can see, Youngboy isn’t the most civil human in America, and I feel bad that I have to mention it, but I do have to.


Let me get one thing straight, I HATE the term “mumble rap”. It’s so close-minded and there are some “mumble rappers” that I enjoy, Playboi Carti, Young Thug, Future, Lil Uzi Vert, Chief Keef, Gucci Mane, and occasionally Migos. The reason I mention that is because I don’t want to sound like an old head when I say what I’m about to say. I can barely understand what this dude is saying. Surely there are artists that I enjoy a lot that slur their words. Thom Yorke, Jus Oborn of Electric Wizard, ODB, and MC Ride to name a few, but it gets a pass because of what surrounds them. It’s impossible to get a pass for a person who chooses some below-average production.


Where do I even start? On the opening track, we have a nice loop but the drums are mixed extremely low. It’s very unfortunate because the best beats on this album have one mixing mishap that makes it less enjoyable. The only beats that are mixed well are the most basic. A damn shame.

Vocal Performance

Surprisingly, the vocal performance is probably my favorite part of this album. On the ballad-like tracks, it isn’t the best singing ever but it fits his image and aesthetic. I like Youngboy the most when he goes in on a track and gets aggressive. Overall, I understand to some that Youngboy vocal performance can be annoying, but it’s only when you listen to him for a long period like I did.

Favorite Tracks

I thoroughly enjoyed “50 Shots” and “Nevada” a lot. “50 Shots” is a strong bop with some pure underground gangsta vibe. “Nevada” has this smooth electric piano that just works well with Youngboy style. Other than that, the opener is solid, “Smoke Strong” is a nice banger, “Baddest Thing” Is one of the better ballads but other than that, Youngboy has yet to prove himself to be better.


It’s honestly really hard to enjoy some of this album but what I will say is that I understand his sentiment for the majority of this project. I will admit that his delivery is very mumbly but his contrast of emotional and hardcore style is strong. With that being said, this album is still just a below-average trap record.



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