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Zacchae’us Paul releases his new single “Better Dayz” on the recently relaunched Jazz label Candid Records.

Paul spoke on the single saying, "BETTER DAYZ" is an emotionally powerful song that navigates through the turbulence of lost love and personal growth, all the while holding onto the hope of a brighter future. Drawing inspiration from the resilience and faith exemplified by David in the Bible, the song starts with reflecting on the pain and longing for someone who is no longer in your life, acknowledging the hard truth of discovering who people truly are”.


“Better Dayz” follows the release of Zacchae’us’ Candid Records debut single, “Mama Said” which he says serves as “a heartfelt ode to the extraordinary Black women who have shaped my very being.”


Zacchae’us’ music is a fresh take on jazz, blending Atlanta hip-hop, gospel, and Caribbean rhythms. With influences from his upbringing in Atlanta, Georgia and studies in Puerto Rico, Paul crafts a youthful and thoughtful sound. Paul's musical journey began in his childhood home studio, influenced by his step-father and experiences in church. His exploration of jazz intensified after discovering Duke Ellington, leading him to pursue music beyond the church community. Studying in Puerto Rico expanded his musical horizons, despite facing challenges like Hurricane Irma while there.


Zacchae’us continues about the song, “Despite this, there is a profound determination to dance and sing through the trials, embodying David's spirit of liberation and joy amidst adversity. The chorus is the heart of the song, echoing a yearning for "better days" and the desire to break free from current sorrows. It captures the essence of finding solace and freedom in faith and rejoicing, even when life presents its most challenging trials. This theme of liberation, inspired by biblical teachings, emphasizes the importance of faith and resilience, inviting listeners to dance and let go of their burdens as a path to healing. The song also explores the journey of personal transformation—from being underestimated and feeling invisible to discovering one's inner strength and confidence. It addresses the challenge of rising above negativity and the opinions of others, underscoring the belief that true self-worth and assurance come from within. This message of empowerment encourages listeners to shake off obstacles and emerge more confident and assured, embodying the belief that with self-belief and faith, anything is possible. "BETTER DAYZ" is a testament to the power of overcoming heartbreak, embracing personal growth, and the relentless pursuit of happiness. It intertwines introspection, resilience, and faith to deliver a hopeful message: after every hardship, there awaits brighter days. This song is not just a single; it's an anthem for anyone seeking to rise above their struggles and find joy in the journey towards healing and self-discovery.”


Earlier this year, Zacchae’us played a packed show at Brooklyn’s Baby’s Alright during NYC Winter Jazzfest. where Giovani Russenello of the New York Times singled Zacchae’us out as an artist to watch calling him “my biggest surprise of the weekend.”


Zacchae’us is part of a new generation of Candid Records artists which also includes Milena Casado and Morgan Guerin, all of whom have come to the label via Candid A&R consultant Terri Lyne Carrington. The recently relaunched label - which already has 4 Grammy wins to its credit since 2021 - is building on its legacy as one of the most storied and influential American independent labels of the 1960s. More info on the new Candid Records here.


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