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"Zhaklina is an alternative-soul artist originally from New York, currently living in Nashville, TN. She uses her platform to advocate for mental health and creates music that brings awareness to the self from the perspective of healing, love, and hope. She contributes to organizations that raise awareness and funds for suicide She is a story teller and an artist with a heart for the messages within music."

Explain your advocacy for mental health?

"So I advocate for suicide prevention as well as substance abuse awareness through participating in events/fundraisers that donate to non-profits supporting these causes, sharing content on my social media pages that inform and connect with others on topics of mental health (such as depression, anxiety, addiction, etc), And I specifically donate a percentage of my profit from my music streams/purchases to non-profit organizations. Last year I donated to @nostigmas, who I am an ally with, participated in the Out of The Darkness Walk in Nashville, and donated to a local fundraiser hosted by @franklinStrength in Tennessee."

Any Upcoming Music?

“Gossip Queen” is a Single I am releasing this Friday, April 17th. The song is an introspective message on facing our inner battles with compassion and reminding ourselves we have the strength to rise above and remember who we are and that we are ultimately not alone.

Pre-Order: Expected Apr 17, 2020

"I released an EP in 2019 called “17 Reasons Why” which launched a series of projects that will raise awareness and donate to mental health non profits. The second EP is in the works."

Which artist inspire you musically?

"Evanescence is my all time favorite artist/band. Amy Lee’s voice has been my favorite vocal inspiration since I was a little girl! Over the years, I’ve also looked up to Christina Aguilera, Avril Lavigne, Jessie J, BANKS, PVRIS, & so many more. Recently, I’ve been really into Sasha Sloan, NF, Lauren Daigle, & Julia Michaels."

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