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“~how i’m feeling~” by Lauv - Track by Track Review

Singer-songwriter Lauv has been back with his debut album “~how i’m feeling~” for a few months now. Today, I’ll be doing a track by track review of his album!

“Drugs & The Internet”: Cute lyrics and vocals. The chorus and outro are definitely standouts in this track. I quite didn’t understand the meaning of this song.

“f**k, i’m lonely (feat. Anne-Marie)”: Interesting production. The f**k’s in the chorus were annoying except Anne-Marie’s. The Anne-Marie feature was good but it wasn’t like she saved the track.

“Lonely Eyes”: The meaning and lyrics to this song are adorable but weak. The chorus explosion made this song immediately feel like a Kygo track, emotional lyrics with basic production. This song had so much potential but it was all throw away by the production.

“Sims”: The meaning of this track is everything, lmao. Relatable lyrics because I also wish I were living in The Sims. I liked the production in the chorus until it started building up and went nowhere.

“Believed”: Chill song. I’m starting to find many similarities between these tracks... I only listened to this song once and it’s already aged, there’s no replay value.

“Billy”: The lyrics say something but the production says something else, there’s no correlation just like “Lonely Eyes”. This track is cringe to another extent, the writers of this song should consider changing careers. I don’t the reason as to why Lauv released and even made this song.

“Feelings”: I don’t really have anything positive or negative to say about this song. Vocals, lyrics, and production are regular in this song. I liked the lyrics in the bridge.

“Canada (feat. Alessia Cara)”: Alessia might’ve saved this song... Alessia’s voice sounds heavenly singing the lyrics. This track could be added to the list of tracks from this album that have a non-sense meaning.

“For Now”: I have a vibe that this song is about Julia Michaels, Lauv’s ex. This song has a bittersweet feeling to it. Hmm, another track like “Feelings”, there isn’t much to say.

“Mean It” with LANY: Okay, wow. The first track that I’d consider being concrete, it’s got good vocals, lyrics, and production. I wanted Paul Klein from LANY to have a solo vocal verse.

“Tell My Mama”: The guitar chords in the intro reminded me immensely of “Like To Be You” by Shawn Mendes featuring Julia Michaels. Cute track and meaning to say the least. I’ve noticed how Lauv usually ends the tracks with an abnormal high note.

“Sweatpants”: I’m actually digging this song because of its production. This song weirdly reminds me of “Power” by Ellie Goulding. I love this track, it’s sit back and has relatable lyrics.

“Who (feat. BTS)”: Lauv’s vocals snapped in the chorus. Lauv wasted a BTS feature on a track that’s not out of this world... wow, okay. Just wondering, why is it a BTS feature if only two members of the band sing in the song?

“i’m so tired” with Troye Sivan: Just by hearing it I know why they made this track the album’s lead single, it’s a stand out track. Just in like “Canada (feat. Alessia Cara)”, Lauv’s voice sounds annoying but the features voice sounds perfect for the track. The singing pace of this song for sure adds a factor to it’s greatness and popularity.

“El Tejano (feat. Sofía Reyes)”: I was digging the track because of its chorus but then Lauv’s first verse practically ruined it. The stereotypes in this song are on another level. Sofia Reyes went off!

“Tattoos Together”: There’s something weird about this album which is that the vocals and their pace always match the production. The background vocals and claps in the outro were nice. This song didn’t deliver and do much for me.

“Changes”: Emotional and push forward song, kind of like Anne-Marie’s “Perfect”. The tracks in this album seem like they were written by a 5-year-old, seriously! The outro was what did it for me; the piano, harmonies, and claps.

“Sad Forever”: The fast pace and guitar make this song the most annoying ever. I enjoyed the verses in this track more than the chorus. Thinking of it, Lauv wants what Alec Benjamin has, oops.

“Invisible Things”: I’m starting to notice a pattern, Michael Pollack (the writer) is the common denominator. What the hell was that production in the chorus? This song had potential, the intro reminded me of “First Man” by Camila Cabello.

“Julia”: I’m glad he publicly apologized to Julia Michaels because she deserved it. The chorus to this track was enjoyable. I hope this song was self-written, would’ve shown Lauv’s a good writer.

“Modern Loneliness”: I’m glad this album finally came to an end. The chorus to this track was enjoyable too because of its catchy-ness. One of my favorites of this album.

In conclusion, this album is low-key bad with the exception of some song being low-key good. This album consisted of one track dressed as 21 tracks, that’s why I rate it...


Listen to “~how i’m feeling~” below

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