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We Caught up with Upcoming Producer Yung MK and spoke about his musical upbringing and upcoming projects! Find out who Yung MK is and check out his recent releases!

Who are your favorite producer influences?

Obviously my fav producer influenced are Nick Mira and Cxdy from internet money collect if i mean bro they be making a banger after banger

When did you start producing?

I started producing music since december 2019 can't believe ALMOST A YEAR 😂

Full of unexpected success and chances

What program do you use?

Like most of the producers I use FL Studio 20 because it's so simple and easy to use

What are some upcoming projects?

My next project is gonna be an EP called "NAP.jpg" a whole different vibe can't wait anymore to release it just wait for it 😌

Listen to his 2020 single, "Chillsome" Below

Yung MK is featured on our Top 25 Producers List

Stay tuned for new music!

Follow Instagram : @yungm_K


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